Charleston Mimosa Festival- We Hope You Didn’t Miss It

This was the Charleston event to attend over the past weekend! Let us tell you about it…

After attending the Charleston Winter Wine Festival in February, we could not wait to attend the follow-up Charleston Mimosa Festival on March 30th.

The event was held at The Bend which is a large grassy field in the North Charleston area overlooking the Ashley River. It was a beautiful setting to have the mimosa festival and the nice weather only made it perfect.

Views from The Bend

We arrived at the Charleston Mimosa Festival just after noon when it started, and were quite amazed at the huge crowd that had already gathered. There must have been thousands of guests compared to the earlier Charleston Winter Wine Festival [click here to read about it]. Nonetheless it did not take long to get our all you can drink wristbands and enter the gates to wine and mimosa heaven.

Right out of the gate we were provided with a souvenir cup FULL of mimosa. It was actually so much, we could not even finish it all – just because we also wanted to quickly try some of the other beverages.

Although this event was more concentrated on mimosas and bloody marys, there was also wine, vodka cocktails and beer to enjoy. Let us not forget to mention that the servers [consisting mainly of teachers] were definitely generous on the pours. They deserved every tip they received.

Our favorite beverage of the day was the mimosa punch. It was mixed with strawberries, lemons, and oranges. We each probably had three cups before leaving. It was that tasty!

As mimosas were being poured, there were also several local well-known restaurants serving up their best brunch dishes. We had shrimp and grits, biscuits and gravy, breakfast tacos, mimosa cupcakes, donuts and french toast sandwiches among other items. Most, if not all of the food tastings were a flat $3. All of the food was amazing and we were pleased yet again that we hardly ever had to stand in long lines to sip or savor.

As far as entertainment, there was a live band and a DJ taking turns with turning up the crowd! The dance area was never empty of attendees wanting to groove while sipping. We were thoughtful enough to bring our lawn chairs so that we could sit back, cup in hand and enjoy the music.

The Charleston Mimosa Festival was so much fun! We couldn’t even believe that we only paid $35.00 for our extra-early bird tickets that included all you can drink mimosas, wine and the other beverages that were offered. Even without purchasing the early bird tickets, the full price of $50.00 would have been well worth the cost as well. The only thing we wished was that the event lasted longer than the 4:00 PM hard stop. We still had a wonderful time however.

Now, we were told that the Charleston Wine Festivals group will be hosting another event this summer so make sure that you attend that one if you missed their other two wine events. If we are in Charleston on the announced date, you know we will definitely be there!

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