How To Secure Concert Tickets and Great Seats Early to See Your Favorite Performers

Presale tickets for the upcoming Cardi B concert are now on sale and we were lucky enough to have snagged some really great seats. However the process to purchase these highly-demanded tickets did not go as smoothly as we had expected, which is why we want to share our experience and provide helpful tips to help you with the purchasing process for this concert and any others.

The first thing we would recommend most definitely before scouting for tickets is to create a Ticketmaster account, download the Ticketmaster app, or already be logged into your account. We find the Ticketmaster app to be most effective, but make sure that you have the correct username/email and password before hand so that you are ready to use both the app or website. Do not wait until the purchasing page to log into your account because you can lose the tickets already in your cart, thus making you have to start over again. You don’t want this to happen!

Our second recommendation is to attach your payment method to your Ticketmaster account before hand. This way once you click the ‘Get Tickets’ button, you will not need to delay time with typing in a card number. You only have about 9 minutes to purchase your tickets once selected so if you do not enter in the correct payment information initially, you are wasting time and can possibly lose your tickets. Whether you have your payment information stored, be sure to know your card’s security code because you will need this to validate your payment method.

Third, if the concert tickets you are seeking have a presale date, please do get your tickets during the presale if you have the necessary access codes. Our recommendation for gaining access to presale codes is to go ahead and join the email list for such sites as Live Nation, Ticketmaster or Stadium Help or you can also follow our blog! Also be sure to become a member of all of the venues where you would normally go to see a performance. This includes venues in your own city and surrounding areas since you may sometimes have to travel to see your favorite artists. Venues release presale codes as well, but unlike other sites, its very hard to obtain them unless you are a registered member. Do not wait until the day before concert tickets go on sale to become a member of these sites, you likely will not be sent the access codes right away, so go ahead and register now. It’s free! Along these lines, make sure that you also join the fan club for all of your favorite artists so that when they do go on tour, you are one of the first to get info about when, where and special offers.

Okay, so now that you have that knowledge, you should be all set to purchase your next set of concert tickets. As of now, the hottest concert tickets to purchase are for Cardi B & Friends – at least this is what’s hot on our list! As mentioned before, we were lucky to have purchased some great seats but it may have not been possible if we did not have early access to purchase these tickets and we did not follow our own advice above.

Cardi B tickets are in such high demand right now, not only because she is an uprising superstar we all have come to love, but also because this is considered a mini-tour with limited city stops – And somehow South Carolina managed to be one of the only southeastern states on the touring list [for now]. This means that a slew of folks from nearby surrounding places may also be flocking for these Cardi B tickets. If getting presale tickets were not hard enough we cannot imagine what it will be like on general public sale day, but here is the process we went through.

When you log onto to purchase your tickets, you may be asked to join a waiting queue before you can actually select your seats. We waited at least 6 minutes before we were able to get in.

Next, you can select your seats by either choosing them from a list of pre-selected seats, or actually selecting specific seats from the seating chart. If you are purchasing a solo ticket, you must select your seat wisely as Ticketmaster will not allow you to purchase a single seat if it will leave an empty space between another seat.

Colonial Life Arena, SC

One of the frustrating issues that we experienced when selecting our seats were being advised that the seats were no longer available, although they appeared available on the seating chart. This occurred a few times before we were able to snag the seats we finally got. We love having up close seats when we go to see our favorite performers, so once we were able to successfully get seats that we could agree on, the process went more smoothly. We even got a free month of Hulu out of it! But again, we cannot imagine going through this ordeal when the tickets go on sale to the general public, which is why we have now offered you the presale code.

Happy concert ticket purchasing and please yell at us if you see us there!


4 comments on “How To Secure Concert Tickets and Great Seats Early to See Your Favorite Performers”
  1. Carol says:

    Very useful information,Thanks ladies.


    1. Ebby & Tiffy says:

      You are welcomed Carol! We are glad you found this blog to be useful!


  2. Natasha says:

    Thanks to y’all i was able to secure my tickets early. Thanks for the helpful tips


    1. Ebby & Tiffy says:

      You are very welcome… we shall see you there OKURR!


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