Welcome To Our World

There are lots of activities that we enjoy doing together as sisters, such as travelling, dining, wine tasting and a whole lot more.  As two young, hard working ladies we believe in enjoying the fruits of our labor. We never want life to escape from us, so we are always looking for new things and places to discover. Whether its a city, a restaurant, hair and beauty care products, or an interesting event- we are into it all! We invite those who share the same interests to explore with us or perhaps you may find a new discovery on our site! Discovering life is what we are here to do and it is our pleasure to share our discoveries with you!

Our Nappy Is Beautiful

When we think of the term nappy, we usually refer to a texture of hair that is untamed, very course and could probably knock out a few teeth of a comb when trying to rake through. As the hair is known as the crown of the head, to have nappy hair could well be considered an insult since smooth and strait mane has typically been the ideal style to display beautification. Now, with the popular and ongoing transition of Black women ditching the straightening relaxers in place of allowing their hair to grow out in it’s natural form, the term nappy is being more embraced to represent a style of hair and life that promotes self-love, beauty and sophistication by just being your natural self. And we are absorbing it!

As both of us have joined the natural hair movement within the last couple of years [2015 and 2017], we have learned to fully accept our nappy roots and are proud to expose our extra tight curly strands. However, nappiness has gone beyond hair for us. It has started a journey in discovering who we really are as individuals and as Black women. Nappiness is about accepting ourselves for who we are purposely made to be.  You may choose to call my course hair nappy, but that is the texture that was meant for me. It is not wrong, nor does it make me unattractive, or less of a person. When you build up the confidence to defy what society says is befitting, and choose to create your own lifestyle, or your own aura, then you have gained self-worth. Nappiness expresses our self-worth and helps us to realize that we are beautiful just being. This is why we are Nappy and Proud Sistas.