Get Yourself An AirFryer

After hearing so many great things about air fryers and the ease of use with cooking with them, we decided it was about time for us to purchase one for ourselves. Over the 2018 holiday period Target Stores had a few brands on sale so we jumped on the bargained price. 

We both purchased the Power Air Fryer XL, as seen on TV. The price was about $59.00 at the time, but the regular price for a larger size air fryer can start at $99. Anyhow, we have just recently unboxed one of ours, and this video shows our first experience using it from start to finish. We decided our first prepared dish would be chicken, because if the air fryer can make good chicken, then the other possibilities are endless.

You will  have to watch the video to see how we prepared our chicken in the Air Fryer, but we will say that we were impressed! 

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