Face Masks That Save Skin Too

When it comes to defining regimens, skin care ranks among one of our most important. Ebby and I are always in search of skin care products that assist with keeping our appearance youthful, as well as giving our facial skin the added nourishment it needs to remain blemished free and hydrated. We have discovered that adding a face mask to our normal skin care routine definitely helps to accomplish this.

While some people may use a face mask as just a means to feel pampered, facial masks are actually formulated to replenish whatever the skin may need more of. For this reason, there are several types of face masks that address all types of skin matters. Whether your face is in need of a deep cleansing, a boost of hydration, skin brightening, pore tightening, calmness or less oil, there is a mask on the market for you. We’ve found and worn a few that seemed to fit our face quite well and here we want to share the ones that we would recommend trying:

Hydration Milk Mask Shea Moisture

Drench skin in nourishing hydration with this comforting moisture mask featuring a blend of 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, Acacia Senegal and Organic Shea Butter. Indulge in this creamy at home facial to gently soften skin and lock in moisture in just ten minutes. Skin is left feeling supple, nourished and enriched with hydration. ~ Shea Moisture Website

Shea Moisture Face Mask Results:

This mask by Shea Moisture is very creamy and absorbs into the skin to add an extra layer of moisture. After keeping this mask on for about 20 mins as directed on the package, my skin came out feeling soft. I still did apply my everyday moisturizer after using this mask (out of habit), but I could have skipped this step. This mask has become a part of my skin care routine and I try to apply it bi-weekly to add moisture because my skin can never be too hydrated.

Price: $12.99 – CVS

Purifying and Brightening Peel-off Mask Wander Beauty

Our bright berry pearl peel-off mask instantly purifies and replenishes dull skin. Our vibrant blend beauty mask contains acai, goji berry, blueberry, lychee, mangosteen and green tea extracts to hydrate and brighten with magnificent results. Kaolin absorbs excess oil and draws out impurities, minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores. This purifying peel-off mask dries quickly and lifts off to reveal a smoother, clearer, and brighter complexion. Suitable for all skin types. ~Wander Beauty Website

Wander Beauty Peel-off Mask Result:

The first thing that wowed me about this mask was the color. It definitely adds a touch of shimmer. After applying this mask and allowing it to set for a few minutes, I could feel it starting to tighten my skin. I actually didn’t think that I would be able to peel it off, but surprisingly it came off quite easily. I only needed to wipe away a small amount of residue. The results of this mask is that it left my skin feeling tightened but smooth . If I had any pimples at the time of using this mask, I’m sure they would have been extracted after peeling off the Wander Beauty mask.

Price: $34.00 – WanderBeauty.com

Healing Mask With Tumeric APTO Skincare

Use this mask to combat unforeseeable skin conditions and to reduce redness. Azelaic acid works to remove dead skin cells, treat rosacea and prevent breakouts without compromising even the most sensitive skin types. Turmeric – originally from Southern India, and one of the most powerful naturally disinfecting bactericides, acting to minimize inflammation and slow down cell damage. ~ APTO Website

APTO Skincare Healing Mask Result:

A little goes a long way with this mask. It may be the fact that this mask contains turmeric, but within the 15 mins of wearing this mask I could feel it working to sooth my skin and to clear impurities. I liked this mask because it was light weight, absorbed quickly, and did not require too much application to do it’s job.

Price: $12.80 – Walmart

Jelly Eye Sheet Mask Clean & Clear

CLEAN & CLEAR Night Relaxing® Jelly Eye Sheet Face Mask soothes and replenishes skin, targeting the eye area where stress and sleepiness from the day can show. The cooling jelly sheet mask with Hydrogel formula is designed to contour to skin to help restore and lock in essential nourishing ingredients and moisture leaving the skin feeling fresh and replenished. Gentle on skin and easy to put on and remove, this ready-to-use eye mask contains seaweed extract and is the perfect way to wind down, destress, and relax at night. Use this dermatologist tested, alcohol-free, & non-comedogenic face mask for just 15 minutes to replenish skin after a long day. ~Clean & Clear Website

Clean & Clear Sheet Mask Result:

I’ve only used this mask once, but really enjoyed it! I applied it right before laying down for bed, and it provided a cooling, hydrating and relaxing feeling. It was only supposed to stay on for about 15 minutes, but I accidentally fell asleep for about an hour wearing it. Luckily, there wasn’t any harm done to my skin after the extended wear, but my skin became so moist from the excess gel that was massaged into my face. You’ll notice that this mask did not cover my whole face because it’s intended to concentrate on the eyes, but it left all parts of my face feeling replenished.

Price: $3.19 – CVS, Target

ClearProof Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask Mary Kay

Enjoy clearer-looking skin with the newest addition to the Clear Proof® Acne System. The triple-action mask deeply cleanses skin, immediately reduces shine and features an effective complex of botanical extracts to help clear the way to beautiful skin. The mask is formulated with activated charcoal, an ingredient so powerful, it can bind up to double its weight in pore-clogging impurities. Think of it like a powerful magnet withdrawing dirt and debris from deep within pores. Plus, mineral clay ingredients, kaolin and bentonite, boost the mask’s absorbency. You’ll love how the mask soaks up excess oil to deliver a smooth, matte appearance. ~Mary Kay Website

Mary Kay Deep Cleansing Mask Results:

Charcoal has become one of the most popular ingredients found in skin care products as it’s known to absorb toxins from the skin among other benefits. As this clay mask dried on my face it felt like it was squeezing dirt from my pores. I kept it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing and my face did feel refreshed. I try using this mask often so that the charcoal could penetrate and detox my skin for that extra clean feeling. This mask does not seem to add a hydration component however.

Price: $24.00 – MaryKay.com

Hydrating Water Gel Mask Freeman Beauty

Quench thirsty skin with this water gel mask that instantly hydrates for a smooth, radiant complexion. Succulent Cactus delivers skin-plumping moisture and softness. Juicy Cloudberry, enriched with Omegas and Vitamin C, illuminates for a healthy glow. Perfect for all skin types ~Freeman Website

Freeman Hydrating Water Gel Mask Results:

This mask does provide instant hydration with it’s gel base application. I especially liked the cooling and refreshing feeling it offered. I must admit that I didn’t think the Freeman brand could deliver on quality given its very inexpensive price point, but this mask did prove me wrong. I wish I could have kept it on all day, but the directions advised to rinse off. I liked that it didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky and that it also provided enough moisture that I didn’t feel the need to apply any additional moisturizers after.

Price: $0.50 – $4.49 – Walmart, CVS

Each of these masks offered it’s own benefit and worked to add the nourishment my facial skin needed at the time of application. There are some that I use weekly or bi-weekly, but of these listed my favorite may be the Clean & Clean jelly sheet mask. One of the elements that I can always stand to use more of as far as my facial skin is concerned, is moisture. I tend to like masks that provide a boost of hydration so that my skin feels nice and supple afterwards. Gel based masks always seem to deliver on achieving this. Through all the masks that I have worn, I also find that I like the sheet application best, just because they are easier to apply and rinse off. For clay and cream based masks, a brush is best to use to apply these.

Although facial masks can contain many beneficial ingredients to help reconcile skin issues, it is important that you follow the package direction to ensure that you are using the product properly. Wearing a face mask for too long, or even using it too much (like everyday) is likely not recommended as some active ingredients can cause irritation to the skin if applied excessively.

Overall however, masks are great to add to your skin care regimen as they help to combat some of the toxins that we are often faced with, as well as help to supplement the fundamentals needed to save our faces.

Face masks lead to clear healthy skin.

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