Air Fryer Cooking – The Perfect Steak Has Never Been So Easy to Make

Ever since we purchased our individual air fryers we have been so excited to actually cook for a change – lol! In our most recent cooking exploration using the Power AirFryer XL we decided to try steak.

Now steak has always been one of those meats that no matter what techniques we’ve both tried to cook it, we could never get it to be restaurant quality even when we buy the higher priced quality labels. Either the meat turns out too dry, too chewy, or just not flavored right. But, thank goodness for the air fryer because this kitchen gadget is quite magical!

For this cooking demonstration, we used a pack of inexpensive ribeye steak to test the steak setting on the air fryer. After getting the ribeyes seasoned and marinated, we tossed them into the air fryer for a total of 10 minutes to get them to a medium cooked temperature. For a medium-well to well done steak, just an extra minute or two sufficed.

You must watch our video below to see how our steak turned out, but again, let us just say that we were not disappointed AT ALL once we were able to get our forks and knives into these fatty, juicy, tender pieces of meat!

Ribeye Steak in the Power Air Fryer XL

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