Wine and Dine Time

Wines and Restaurants We Recommend

Purchase at a local grocery store – $9.99 – $12.99

We were introduced to Roscato  a time ago when dining at Olive Garden. This is a sweet red wine with a little crisp. We’ve found that it pairs very well with chocolate and also has a nice finish. We can drink this wine like a soda pop.

Roscato can be purchased at Total Wine and World Market, and possibly at grocery stores. Wherever sold, this wine can be found in the Italy region section. The cost should be no more than $9.99.

We came across New Age when gathering wines to sample for one of our wine parties that we occasionally host. We were looking to introduce our friends to a sweeter white wine that was an alternative to Moscato, which at the time was the main go-to wine for those who enjoyed a sweeter taste.
New Age proved to be absolutely delightful and everyone enjoyed it! It is a semi-sweet wine, with a little acidity which helps to balance the sweetness. It’s bursting with fruitiness and definitely best when sipped very chill.
New Age can be purchased at grocery stores such as Publix and Harris Teeter. You can also find this wine at Total Wine and World Market. The cost for a bottle is typically between $9.99 – $13.99.

Bear E Patch Cafe

This cafe has become a local favorite for a place where you can get breakfast all day. We recommend the Chicken and Waffle dish if you are in the mood for something entirely sweet. It’s really good! Also, the Harbor Saute dish is the best thing to try. It includes real crab meat, shrimp and scallops over grits. It is sure to satisfy. Not only does Bear E Patch serve breakfast, but the menu also includes items such as sandwiches, salads, wraps, burgers, soups, ice cream and more.

  • Cuisine: Breakfast, Deli 
  • Entree Price Range: $10 – $25
  • Opening Times: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Reservations: No reservations
  • Dress Code: Casual 
  • Location: West Ashley 
  • Meal Portion: Fulling

The Perfect Landing For A Seafood Meal


Tiffy: I will always promote Fleet Landing Restaurant and Bar as one of the best seafood restaurants in the Charleston area to have a freshly prepared seafood dish that also happens to be seasoned and very delicious. 

Located in downtown Charleston, Fleet Landing is one of the only, if not the only waterfront dining entities on the peninsula. A window seat, or outdoor seating on the deck means that you can gaze out at the beautiful Charleston harbor or Waterfront park while enjoying your meal and maybe one of their fruitylicious specialty cocktails.

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Still Musing About This Great Restaurant

82 Society Street – Charleston, SC
Dinner starting at 5:00 PM

Although located down the lightly trodden Society Street in downtown Charleston, Muse Restaurant and Wine Bar is a can’t miss establishment if you are searching for a delectable dish and a fine glass of wine to pair it with. Aside from its extensive wine list, what makes this restaurant even more unique is its setting in one of the restored historic Charleston style houses. As you walk through the side porch and into the front door, there is always a warm welcome by one of the staff members. Just to the right of the front door is a small bar room where you can hop into one of the bar stools [if available] and spark up a conversation with one of the very personable bar tenders. The bar tenders also offer great recommendations for pairing the best wines [or cocktails] with your main dish. The bar room, which is where we usually prefer to dine provides a very cozy-like setting with its dim lighting and dark red painted walls.

On the opposite side of the bar is the main dining room which makes you feel like you are eating at a friend’s house. Then up the narrow stairway is also another dining area, but this space seems best for private dinner parties or group gatherings. And for the patrons who prefer to wine and dine while trying to catch a cool Charleston breeze, the side porch also offers a few tables and chairs.

So, now that we have a feel for the atmosphere, let’s talk about the food! Muse’s menu mainly consist of seafood, Italian and Mediterranean inspired dishes. There are lots of appetizer and entree options. The best dishes that we have had there so far are the caramelized pumpkin soup – which may only be served seasonally or on certain days, and the scallops. Oh My, the scallops are scrumptious! The grilled duck breast under the starters menu is also very tasty if you have an acquired taste for duck meat. The cost for most entrees at this restaurant are in $20 range.

Click here to view the menu for Muse

We really did enjoy our last visit at Muse Restaurant and Wine Bar. The staff was very pleasant, the food was really great, and the bar tender may have just introduced us to our next favorite wine! We’ll give the details in another post.