These Lips Don’t Lie

Tiffy: Aren’t my lips pretty? One of my best physical features are my lush, naturally mauve plump lips. But having nice lips can probably be attributed to my obsessive chapstick addiction. I have probably been using Vaseline Lip Therapy since my preteen years, and it has literally become one thing that I cannot live without. Well, on the days that Wal-Mart or Target do not have any left on the shelf, I am forced to buy an alternate brand, but still, nothing compares to my Vaseline Lip Therapy. I have learned to stock pile on these however, so whenever they are in stock, I may sweep all off the rack. If you are addicted to a particular brand of lip moisturizer, then you understand.

In combination with using my Vaseline for hydration, I also like to enhance my lip’s natural beauty with MegaLast Lipsticks made by Wet n Wild. Although my lips have a natural mauve tint, I love adding color- and Wet n Wild delivers a lot of color. Some may associate the inexpensive cost of Wet n Wild with low quality, but as someone who owns lipsticks and glosses in high and moderate price ranges, I can attest that there are great qualities to these lipsticks that are comparable to other well known brands. For instance, MegaLast does provide long lasting wear. I am always impressed on how well the color sticks to my lips after a cup or two of coffee and hours into the day. No primer necessary.

The other quality that I like about MegaLast is how smoothly it glides on. There are some lipsticks that can cause the lips to chap and flake, but I have never experienced this with any of my Wet n Wild lip products. It’s so easy to apply, and one stroke applies plenty of color. My favorite colors are Stop Light Red [as shown in the photo] and Sugar Plum Fairy.

As stated above, I love to add color to my lips and I have come to enjoy wearing different colors no matter how bright or dark. I used to stick with one color that I thought was the perfect match for my dark gold skin, but the day I gained the confidence to step outside of my door wearing a scarlet red shade while still feeling beautiful, I became a believer of wearing the colors that make you happy regardless of skin tone. This is also another reason I really like Wet n Wild. At the low price point, I can easily purchase many different colors just for trials.

I always get compliments about how nice my lips are, so I cannot lie about how I maintain my nice lips. My daily lip regimen consist of moisture and added color. Vaseline Lip Therapy along with Wet n Wild’s MegaLast lipsticks help me to always debut the prettiest lips.


2 comments on “These Lips Don’t Lie”
  1. Consen says:

    I need to take care of mine too 🙈 especially now that it’s winter. Thanks for these tips 👌


    1. Ebby & Tiffy says:

      Thank you! Yes, the cold dry air can be harsh on the lips. You have to keep a lip moisturizer in all places so that you always have it handy. Consistent moisture is the key. A lip scrub can also be helpful!

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